We are the KCCL Orange Crushers

Through a variety of fun, team-based shooting tournaments, we provide student athletes aged elementary through college with a supportive environment where shooting sports serve as catalysts for teaching life lessons and skills that emphasize positive character traits and citizenship values. Throughout all training, practice and competitions, we continue to instill in our shooters a commitment to safe firearm handling, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.

The team collaborates with other local Michigan Scholastic Clay Target Program (MISCTP) clubs to share instructional support and facilities to develop shooters’ skills along with developing a healthy competition between teams. In addition to the MISCTP, we work with other organizations, to bring in guests and experienced instructors, as well as adding structure to practice and seeking out opportunities to participate in special events.

Become a KCCL Orange Crusher
• Practices are Wednesdays 4-7 pm at KCCL
• SCTP season starts September 1, 2019
• No experience necessary
• Elementary grades through college are eligible
• Collegiate shooters must be enrolled as a full-time student in college
• $250 yearly fee
• College scholarship opportunities

Call (616) 676-1056 or email kcclorangecrushers@gmail.com


The KCCL Orange Crushers is an organization that’s been founded and sustained by the dedication of participating shooters, their families, coaches, volunteers, and the Kent County Conservation League and its club membership. Each of these groups have supported the team though selfless gifts of their talent, time and resources.