Experienced. Skilled. Dedicated.

Developing a shooter’s complex mix of control, mental poise, responsibility, safety, sportsmanship and competitive skills requires extremely hard work – combined with the dedication of a special group of coaches, coaches willing to selflessly give their time, experience and skills, to assist in developing complete, competitive young shooters.

The Orange Crushers are fortunate and proud to be able to rely on an extraordinarily experienced, talented and skilled group of coaches. All of our coaches are dedicated to developing their young charges’ skills and talents to the upmost of each shooter’s abilities. Our coaches are also invested in making the experience of each young person challenging, positive, rewarding and often, just plain fun.

This year, new direction in practice structure should impact the tasks of our coaches in a very positive way. While the team is adding more structure and purpose to practices, there should be greater opportunities for our coaches to pursue their own individual passions in their favorite disciplines and share these special skills with the entire team.

Orange Crusher coaches will be implementing the team’s new training structure of “Practice with Purpose.” The goal of the program is focused on reinforcing fundamentals, honing skills and correcting problem areas for all shooters. As fundamentals become routine skills, it should translate to improved scores along with greater enjoyment of the sport.

Coaches will also be involved in pre-practice meetings related to safety, fundamentals, shoot preparation and review, and practice review as well as providing a forum for additional questions and topics for discussion.

David Held, Head Coach heldd2013@gmail.com

Dave Schiebel, Assistant Coach
Thad Bembenista, Assistant Coach & Photographer
Steve Hanson, Assistant Coach
Larry Mennetti, Assistant Coach
Brian Schwalm, Assistant Coach
Jim Palma, Assistant Coach